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Convenient, Economical Training and Advice with a Master AML Advisor and Instructor

Kevin Sullivan, CAMS is The Anti-Money Laundering Training Academy. When you hire The AML Training Academy you're receiving his more than 30 years experience working on the front lines of AML through some of histories most demanding times working at the top of his field in some of the world’s most elite AML positions.  While other trainers and advisors have read a book on AML, Kevin's the guy who wrote the book.

The four key areas of his expertise and experience include:

  • State and federal financial crimes intelligence and investigation
  • Development and implementation of AML policies and procedures.
  • Providing AML training and advising to law enforcement and the private sector
  • Liaison services between law enforcement and the private sector.

These four cornerstones form the foundation of all our services. Services that give individuals, companies, law enforcement, and governments the pragmatic skills needed to institute, effectuate, maintain, and monitor their AML responsibilities.

Let us bring the value of this experience to you!

About Our Services

Corporate AML Training and Advisory Services:

  • We'll come to you, either live and in person, or via the Web
  • No expensive travel and accommodations for your staff
  • No lost time spent out of the office
  • Highest quality instruction bringing best value to your training investment.
  • Interactive training sessions that fully engage attendees for a dynamic learning environment to creates better retention
  • Training utilizes AML analytical participation.
  • Giving personnel pragmatic skills that can be applied to what their work situation presents.
  • Receive certificate of completion validating required training
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Individual AML Training Seminars:

Attend one of our "Be An AML Rock Star" full day session at various cities around the U.S.

  • Receive the best value for your training investment through our quality instruction
  • Interactive training sessions that fully engage attendees for a dynamic learning environment to creates better retention
  • Participants engage in AML analytical participation.
  • Receive pragmatic skills to be directly applied to your work.
  • Receive certificate of completion validating required training.
  • ACAMS credits
Be An AML Rock Star

About the AML Training Academy

  • Providing worldwide comprehensive AML training and advisory services for financial institutions, businesses, law enforcement, governments, and collegiate programs.
  • Corporate Advisory and Training Services:
    • Customized programs to target each clients key needs.
    • Conducted on clients schedule either live and in person or via a webinar.
  • Open training sessions to bring quality AML training to a broader population
  • Dynamic teaching methods that increase retention including: active participation in order to foster AML analytical and critical thinking, real world examples, and a light bit of humor for a memorable learning experience on this heavy subject.

Meet the AML Expert

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Kevin (right)

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Kevin (right)

Your Presenter/Consultant is Kevin Sullivan, CAMS. Kevin is the founding co-chair of the Association of Certified Anti- Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) New York chapter and was the chair of the ACAMS Educational Task Force. He teaches CAMS exam prep courses, "Train the Trainer" courses, and numerous ACAMS certification courses. He has provided training through ACAMS and The AML Training Academy for numerous financial institutions, regulators, law enforcement, and government agencies including local, state, federal and foreign.

Coming from a NYC Irish home his path was either priest or police. Being too much trouble for the priesthood he joined his family legacy in police work. Kevin’s been working in AML more than 30 years beginning as an undercover narcotics officer with the NY State Police. It was then he decided to follow the money and was detailed to a major crimes unit where he began specializing in the financial aspects of crime.

Wanting to hone his skills Kevin acquired a master’s degree in Economic Crime Management and became a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). Further, he is an advisory board member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators. His specialization with the NYSP didn’t go unnoticed and he was given a dual designation as a federal agent to team up with the FBI led Hudson Valley White Collar Crimes Task Force which led to an assignment with the NY High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) of the ICE led El Dorado Task Force in Manhattan. The El Dorado Task Force is one of the largest AML task forces in the world comprised of the FBI, ICE, US Secret Service, DEA, Postal Inspectors, NYPD, NYSP, Manhattan DA, US Attorney’s Office and others.

High profile organized crime and counter terrorist financing were the usual case load. Here he became the New York state money laundering investigations coordinator, a liaison between the business sector and law enforcement, and a lead instructor for ICE’s Operation Cornerstone. Following retirement from law enforcement Kevin broadened his work as an AML educator and liaison in the global arena by establishing The Anti-Money Laundering Training Academy. Through The AML Training Academy he continues provide AML consulting and training services to governments, law enforcement, and an extensive number of financial institutions addressing their AML and financial crimes compliance needs. In addition, he is the author of many published articles and the book, “Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell”.  Kevin's years of experience and knowledge put him at the forefront of the AML field. Therefor he's frequently called upon by print and TV news media for his expert opinion.  Visit our blog to view a few of those interviews.

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