AML Training Seminars

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✓ Fulfill AML Regulatory Requirement

✓ Instructed by an AML Expert  providing master training seminars as a leader in the industry.

✓ Career Opportunities for those looking to transition to the AML side of the house.

✓ Network and form connections across industries when you participate in the virtual class breakout group workshops or register as a group and build a team experience.

✓ Law Enforcement train on how the financial sector and law enforcement work together and for those considering AML careers after the job.

✓ Earn Six CAMS Credits


Go on a money laundering "ride along" starting with the bad guys’ perspective on how criminals abuse the financial system to the various lines of defense financial institutions provide via their sound quality AML programs. We’ll emphasize the SAR process including how to write a proper narrative. We’ll finish with how and why information is shared with law enforcement and what law enforcement does with the information. Finally we’ll reverse engineer the process to indicate why actions taken on the back end are influenced by the AML policy and procedures from the beginning of a relationship.

✓ AML Fundamentals:  An overview of money laundering.  How and why the bad guys use various money laundering techniques from the tried and true (ie. car wash from Breaking Bad) to emerging new methods.  Learn how anything of value can be laundered.

✓ Elements of a Quality AML Program:  KYC/CIP, Sanctions, The Five Pillars, Risk Assessment, and Transaction Monitoring. How to stay out of the regulators crosshairs and avoid major fines.  Discuss individual responsibilities and civil actions for AML program failures.

✓ Suspicious Activity Reporting:  What regulators and law enforcement look for in a SAR.  Learn to identify the red flags of money laundering. When and how to complete a proper SAR narrative.  What happens to a SAR when it leaves your desk. Unusual Activity Reports.

✓ Due Diligence:  Develop sound investigative principles, techniques, and strategies. Adapting to an investigative mind set.  When to escalate. When to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Thorough document recording. Working with your law enforcement partners. How to fulfill regulatory requirements and combat money laundering. 

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Other instructors have read a book on AML.
Kevin's the guy who wrote the book.

Kevin Sullivan Anti Money Laundering Training Academy President

Kevin Sullivan, CAMS, President Anti-Money Laundering Training Academy

Retired New York State Police (NYSP) Investigator dually designated federal agent who held the position of NY state money laundering coordinator

Developed a best practices program, “Compliance Excellence,” for the assistance of financial institutions in conforming to the regulations of the Bank Secrecy Act and Patriot Act.

Assigned to liaison with and instruct financial institutions, the business industry, and law enforcement agencies as part of “Operation Cornerstone” on numerous money laundering methods, investigations, and countermeasures.

NYSP Investigator detailed to:

The FBI led Hudson Valley White Collar Crimes Task Force investigating fraud and money laundering

NY High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (HIFCA) of the ICE led El Dorado Task Force at the NY HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) in Manhattan. The El Dorado Task Force is one of the largest AML task forces in the world

Major Case Squad

Instructor of the CAMS prep exam

Facilitator of ACAMS certification courses and numerous ACAMS webinars and summits

Taught courses on specialized financial crimes in the Economic Crime Program for Utica College.

Lecturer at numerous anti money laundering seminars

Called upon expert in the field by media - print, radio, and TV for interviews and comments.

Master’s degree Economic Crime Management,Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional (AMLP)

Member: Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Bank Administrative Institute (BAI), International Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI), Founding Member and former Co-Chair NY Chapter of ACAMS, Former Chairman Education Task Force (ACAMS)


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