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C Notes Episode 3-Cybercrime Investigations Interview with John Bandler

Season 1, Episode 3

Cybercrime Investigations

Interview with John Bandler

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A conversation with guest John Bandler, a cybercrime prosecutor and co-author of the book, ‘Cybercrime Investigations – A Comprehensive Resource For Everyone’. Kevin and John were New York State Troopers in adjoining stations in the early 90’s who have gone on to work in adjoining fields, cybercrime and anti-money laundering. Listen in on this fascinating conversation delving into the book’s four parts covering:

  • Understanding Cybercrime, Computers, and Cybersecurity
  • Law for the Cybercrime Investigator
  • The Cybercrime Investigation, and
  • Litigation (Cybercrime Investigations in Court)

Get the book at

Also, check out ‘Cybersecurity for the Home and Office: The Lawyer’s Guide to Taking Charge of Your Own Information Security’ by John Bandler at 

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