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C Notes Episode 4-Creating A Culture of Compliance with Gregory Dellas

Season 1, Episode 4

Creating A Culture of Compliance 

Interview with Gregory Dellas

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Tips on building a culture of compliance.  As it seems, every time we turn around there’s another example of a financial institution getting jammed up due to it’s lack of appropriate compliance. Kevin Sullivan, CAMS, President of The Anti Money Laundering Training Academy dives into the refinement and cultivation of a compliance mindset with the founder and chair of the ACAMS Cyprus chapter, Gregory Dellas. Gregory shares his experience as a risk management team leader in the International Banking Services Division at the Bank of Cyprus as well as the Chief Compliance and Innovation Officer at ECCOMMBX. Receive his well balanced perspectives on building and implementing a culture of compliance for both the compliance and customer facing sides of the financial industry through his more than 22 years combined experience in AML & Regulatory Compliance as well as Private Banking/Wealth Management.

View the supporting video, “Why AML Efforts Matter” which pays tribute to those working on the frontlines of AML.

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Kevin Sullivan, CAMS, CCI is a retired New York State Police Investigator and Federal Agent who dedicated his career to AML and continues that work through his company, The AML Training Academy. Kevin coordinated AML investigations for the state of New York while being detailed to one of the worlds largest AML task forces, the NY High Intensity Financial Crime Area (HIFCA) El Dorado Task Force. He has helped develop and implement global AML guidelines and trained and advised all industries and government agencies requiring AML around the globe. He helped to write various certification programs for the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists’ (ACAMS) and was the co-founder and former chair of their inaugural chapter which was in NY. Follow Kevin or reserve a seat in one of his live webinars. Space is limited!

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