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Security Management Interview for “Interrupting The Wash Cycle”

Kevin Sullivan was interviewed for Security Management Magazine. The article is titled "Interrupting The Wash Cycle." In it he comments on "Hawalas" and business exploits. Read The Full Article Here [...]

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Bribe Backfires on S.A.R. Reporter

Bribe Backfires on S.A.R. Reporter, and everyone in the AML field should know this – the SAR is confidential. That is certainly nothing new.  Sometimes mistakes are made, people goof [...]

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Tom DeLay The Hammer Gets Nailed

Former coordinator of New York’s money-laundering task force explains why Congressman Tom Delay was found guilty of money laundering.

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Fallout – The Real Cost of Non-Compliance with the BSA

When a bank like HSBC gets called on the carpet the dramatic economic effects shows up in several ways. I was interviewed about what this means, exactly, not just for the bank, but for the bank’s customers.

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Money Laundering Update

Kevin has been interviewed about what’s hot in the money laundering world.

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Vatican Scandal – And Then He Created the Moon and the SARS

For a second time in 2010, the Vatican finds itself under the magnifying glass as it again is the subject of a money laundering probe. Is the bank or a bank employee dirty? I don't know. If this had been any other bank on the planet, this would never have received so much press and attention.

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Money Laundering & Financial Crime in Virtual Worlds Interview

Money Laundering & Financial Crime in Virtual Worlds Interview with Kevin Sullivan. The following interview with Kevin Sullivan was conducted by Heather Desguin of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, [...]

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Examples of Bulk Cash Smuggling

Several of the readers have made inquires about the blog on Bulk Cash Smuggling. I have attached below several actual photographs of bulk cash smuggling incidents.  Obviously, I have an [...]

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Upcoming AML Events

Feb. 23 – HSBC, New York, NY Feb 28 – Nordea Bank, New York, NY March 8 – Nordea Bank, New York, NY Mar. 18 – Louisiana State Banking Dept Mar. 20 – ACAMS Exam Prep Course – Hollywood, FL March 21-23 – Money Laundering Alert Annual Conf. – Hollywood, FL

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How to Spot Bulk Cash Smuggling

I was recently invited to do a podcast interview with where we discussed the latest AML trends - including bulk cash smuggling. I also wrote a guest blog for's series "The Expert's View" entitled How to Spot Bulk Cash Smuggling.

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