"Be An AML Rock Star" Seminars
Be An AML Rock Star Tour
The Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Training Academy is on a mission.  We're making AML training more accessible by taking our "Be An AML Rock Star"​ seminars on a whirlwind tour!
Now appearing in major cities and packing the house in small town venues as well.  Select a city below to attend a quality AML training seminar.

“Be An AML Rock Star”

Seminar Setlist

  • AML Fundamentals:  An overview of money laundering and money laundering methods.  Followed up with the lively breakout workshop, “You Are the Money Launderer”.  You’re put in the bad guys shoes as you try to beat the system – if you can!
  • Elements of a Quality AML Program:  How to stay out of the regulators crosshairs.  We’ll begin with the five pillars of a quality AML program.  Then dive into an in depth study of the regulations, procedures, and policies of a quality AML program.  Wrapping up with the how to’s of implementing the program.
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting:  What regulators and law enforcement look for in a SAR.  Learn to identify the red flags of money laundering and how to complete a proper SAR narrative.
  • Due Diligence:  How to fulfill regulatory requirements and combat money laundering.  Develop sound investigative principles, techniques, and strategies.

…attendees receive six ACAMS credits!

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals Seeking Career Growth:  Strengthen your job skills and improve your job performance by receiving expert AML training from a 30 year AML veteran.
  • Financial Institutions:  All personnel requiring mandatory AML training.
  • AML Career Seekers:  Personnel looking to transition to the growing AML side of the house.
  • ACAMS:  Anyone considering ACAMS certification receives six ACAMS credits.
  • Law Enforcement:  Individuals needing to understand money laundering and how financial institutions operate.  Also, for those considering AML careers after the job.

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About the Presenter

Kevin Sullivan, CAMS, is a money laundering advisory expert who has been working in AML more than 30 years.   He was an investigator with the NY State Police and a federal agent in the El Dorado HIFCA Task Force. El Dorado is the largest money laundering task force in the world.  While detailed toEl Dorado Kevin became the NY state money laundering coordinator. Where his responsibilities included liaison between law enforcement and the business sector. This gave him the opportunity to provide AML training and advice to both these groups. Following retirement he continued providing AML services opening The Anti-Money Laundering Training Academy.  He has gone on to teach and advise numerous financial institutions and government agencies globally, including law enforcement, judiciary agencies, and regulatory agencies. Kevin is a lead instructor of the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist prep course, frequent instructor of “Train the Trainer”​ courses, and speaker for ACAMS live training seminars and webinars.  In addition, he is the author of many published articles and the book, “Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell”.  Kevin’s years of experience and knowledge put him at the forefront of the AML field. Therefor he’s frequently called upon by print and TV news media for his expert opinion.  Visit our resources page to view a few of those interviews.

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