"Be An AML Rock Star" AML essentials training seminars

Retired NYSP Investigator Offering AML Training

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Why you should attend:

  • Quality: Training from a 30 year AML veteran and retired NY State Police Money Laundering Investigator
  • Understanding the Big Picture: Attendees “Follow the Money” to first learn to identify money laundering practices and second understand the AML mechanisms within their own institution and between their institution, law enforcement, and regulators.
  • For New Employees: Receive a comprehensive understanding of AML policies and procedures.
  • For Seasoned Employees: Receive the invaluable insight, experience, and teaching methods of a seasoned AML trainer.
  • Career Opportunities: Employees transitioning to the AML side of the house begin with a solid foundation to build their new position.
  • Risk Management:  Build employees AML analytical skills and prompt them to recognize criminal activities and overt or reduce the would be penalties and fines.
  • Complete Mandatory Training: Employees receive Certificates of Completion for submission to the regulator at the companies next review.
  • ACAMS Credits: Anyone considering certification or maintaining CAMS credentials receives six ACAMS credits.

…just to name a few