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Testimonials 2016-12-08T20:59:13+00:00
I took a lot away from Kevin’s presentation. He gave me insight into money laundering and the various ways to commit it, the breadth and scope of it and the various signposts to watch out for.
John Monahan, Vice President, AIG World Investigative Resources
Kevin Sullivan is a very dynamic speaker. We learned a lot from his presentation. His information is timely and very important. He uses many current examples and humor to take the stuffiness out of the subject matter. He makes complex issues simple to understand and applicable to our everyday work environment.
Charles Judson,Director of Security, AML Compliance Officer, Astoria Federal Savings
I really enjoyed Kevin’s presentation. He is very enthusiastic and has a great knack for presenting the material. He keeps you interested–he’s a very funny guy!
Matt Vigh, Director of AML Investigations, AXA Equitable
Kevin interacted really well with our audience. He captured our attention with his humor and great real-life examples, and helped all of us have a better understanding of what we needed to do to maintain our compliance. He is very personable and we enjoyed having him.
Eva Abbott, Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
I thought playing “Money Laundering Jeopardy” was hilarious, and then I realized that I was also learning about some of the latest money laundering trends and patterns. Very unique.
Theresa Gibbons, First Federal Bank
I love his blend of humor, actual stories of bad guys vs. good guys, his knowledge in the area and a smooth ability to converse with a crowd.
Lt. Tom McManus, New York City Police Dept.
I saw Kevin speak for the New York External Fraud Committee. He kept us very engaged with great humor and presentation skills. The information he gave us really clued us in to the scams and fraudulent activity that we should be looking for. He is very knowledgeable about the latest trends, and he has great contacts. Let’s face it: Money laundering can be a dry topic and Kevin kept us awake! Great presentation.
Daniel Auciello, Director of Investigations, Morgan Stanley
Kevin has a very good ability to connect to the audience. When he’s doing a presentation, whether small or large, you get the feeling that you’re having a conversation with him. His expertise and experience with money laundering helped us to understand the issues we need to mitigate, and his wonderful sense of humor make his presentations entertaining as well.
Robert Goecks, Anti-Money Laundering Director, US Trust