Training Services

Our AML training seminars are customized to the specific needs of your organization. Timed agenda’s, quizzes, certificate of attendance and any other regulatory request can be addressed.

Our seminars provide the AML tools needed for new staff and Advanced and refresher training for current staff.

Common Requests For Training Agenda

  • BSA Training for New Hires – Overview of money laundering, AML compliance and the Bank Secrecy Act for all recently hired bank employees or personnel that transferred into the AML/Compliance dept
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance – The development and construction of a quality AML program.
    • KYC
    • CDD/EDD
    • Risk Based Approach
    • Transaction Monitoring
    • Investigations
    • Correspondent Banking
  • Advanced Money Laundering Techniques – Summary and details of several of the most commonly used money laundering techniques such as Black Market Peso Exchange and Trade Based Money Laundering.
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting – Learn red flags, complete a proper narrative and understand what law enforcement and the regulators are looking for.
  • Advanced Due Diligence for Compliance – Develop your case using sound investigative principles, techniques and strategies.
  • Investigating Money Laundering for Law Enforcement - Acquire sound basic skills necessary to conclude a thorough money laundering investigation.

Our Delivery Methods

Corporate Webinar

Gather up your staff and retreat to the conference room for a live in house training session followed by a question/answer session with presenter Kevin Sullivan, CAMS imparting his 30 years of experience in the elite upper echelons of the AML field.

Live Training

Preference is always for live training. We feel the personal interaction creates a more compelling learning environment elevating retention giving our clients a higher value on their investment. Your presenter, Kevin Sullivan, CAMS will travel to your locale to provide training enhanced with the in-person interaction of his 30 years experience in the elite upper echelon of the AML field.

Advisory Services

AML Advisory Services provided by 30 year AML veteran Kevin Sullivan, CAMS:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Program Advice Let our expert develop and implement an AML Program that fits your companies needs
  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Advice
    • AML Independent Reviews
    • Let our expert prepare you for your next assessment
    • Receive guidance on addressing regulatory issues
    • Responding to Law Enforcement, regulators, and subpeonas
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Risk Assesment Advice – Manage risk by receiving expert review and assessment of your AML program using a risk based approach.
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Advice – Receive advice on determining if a SAR is needed. The proper narrative required for the SAR. Determine if and what follow up procedures should be implemented or established.  Kevin will guide you using his experience handling thousands of SARS a month as the New York State Money Laundering Coordinator.
  • Combating Terrorism Financing (CTF) Advisory – Guidelines for identifing, investigating and combating terrorism from a member of the El Dorado Force at the NY HIDTA 
  • Investigation/Advanced Due Diligence – Discuss sound investigative techniques.